About Me

Sean Fournier

I am a UX/UI designer from Connecticut with over 12 years experience and the Associate Director of User Experience at Primacy.


  • Branding

    Creating distinctive brands that disrupt markets, putting products and services in powerful places.

  • User Experience

    Strategic and user-centric thinking leading to informed design decisions for happier users.

  • Visual & UI Design

    Beautifully crafted and meticulously designed interfaces and incredibly seamless interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you anyway?

Hey, my name is Sean Fournier. I am a UX/UI designer from Connecticut. I love being creative and enjoy writing music, playing guitar, illustrating, and doing experience design.

How long have you been designing?

I have been doing interactive design since 2006.

What software do you use to design?

I design primarily in Sketch, which is a design toolkit that utilizes a fully vector-based workflow. It is great for wireframes, app and website design, and even icon design. It has fully replaced Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for me.

What software do you use to build prototypes?

I primary use InVision, which is a cloud-based prototyping and collaboration tool.

Can I pass your name to someone who might need your services?

Please do! That would mean a lot to me. At the end of the project, I might ask for a testimonial from you to help promote my services.